This page is dedicated to those freedom fighters who fought and died for Our country, to those women who lost everything for our Country, To those intellectual who lost their lives just for being intellectual.We will always remember them.

A Huge Tributes to this Lady, Mother of Martyrs (Shaheed Janini) Jahanara Imam.

In 1971 she lost everything. Her children called Jami( Younger son) and Shafi Imam Rumi(Only 19 years old, who did very brave and successful operation in Dhaka City against Pak Army. His name was nightmare to the Pak Army). Both of Her sons have been Martyred in 1971. Aftermath of torture by Pak Army Her Husband died 1971.

She was the first who organised "Ghatak-Dalal Nirmul Committee" when Ziaur Rahaman revoked the ban on Jamaet Islami in 1978.

Dublin Awamileague respect Her courage and the efforts that She made during Her time to bring those animals to  the justice.

Justice For Bangladesh Genocide 1971

Tell this Mujahid..Jamaet Leader. There are war criminals exist and he is one of them. With his help Pak army killed our brother, Killed our father and robbed, burned our houses in 1971.They are still doing this whenever they are getting chances. Even until now they want (2001-2006) to make our Motherland a terrorist country. They wanted to probe it to the world that Bangladesh is a failure country. The freedom we had achieved 1971 was for nothing.

Niazi's book mocks Jamaat's claim

                                                      Source: Daily Star/Published On: 2007-12-19

Bongobondhu,all the leaders and the Freedom Fighters have done their part  Job for the country. Now Here it begins our part. Our part Of job is to bring those  War Criminals to Justice.

Joy Bangla

[Jahanara Imam’s last message to the nation written from her deathbed.]


Here You can find the list of Razakars , Al-Badars and Al-Sams, Political Members , Peace Committee Members and Pak army have been listed by Division. Click Those Links. They were involve with War Crimes committed crime against Humanity and crime of Genocide in 1971.
Thanks & Regards,
            Dublin Awamileague           


 Father Of Nation

Declaration of Independence"Pak Army suddenly attacked E.P.R Base at Pilkhana, Rajarbag Police Line and killing citizens. Street battle are going on in every street of Dhaka-Chittagong. I appeal to the Nations of the World for help. Our freedom fighters are gallantly fighting with the enemies to free the motherland. I appeal and order you all in the name of Almighty Allah to fight to the last drop of blood to liberate the country. Ask police, E.P.R, Bengal regiment and Ansar to stand by you and to fight. No compromise. Victory is ours. Drive out the last enemy from the holy soil of motherland. Convey this message to all Awami League leaders, workers and other patriots and lovers of freedom. May Allah bless you.
Joy Bangla

"Rumi" passed his matriculation from 'Adamji Cantonment School and College' in 1968. He stood third in the Pakistan Education Board. By March 1971, He completed his H.S.C and got admitted in Engineering College (currently BUET). He was also enrolled into Illinois Institute of Technology but did not attend due to the war.

He and His group was terror to the Pak Army during Our liberation War in 1971.