Our Work-How do we work

Our Work..? It’s a very good question. We believe in few principles to go ahead and reach our targets. Should we discuss all these? Let’s explore few of our main principle, what way we reach our goal.

Information flow:One of the main principles Of our organisation. It is very important for any organisation that information flows freely. This makes aware to the member staff that what is the current status of their organisation and they work towards that accordingly. Any decision making process also depends on how the information flows top to bottom. If the information stops at the top of the stage and doesn’t flow to the middle and bottom then it makes confusion in whole organisation. In political organisation if that occurred then obviously the leader of that organisation is autocrat. If the member staff work voluntarily for such organisation they will react in due time. People, partner, stakeholders cannot trust such organisation. If the organisation is not trusted by its own people so there is no reason that other will trust it.

In Ireland and Dublin awamileague we always make sure that information flows all over the organisation.

On above diagram, we collect all the data from different sources then our president, secretary and executive committee members analyse data to filter and Org Secretaries pass over the important data to the top level and we publish to the Public, for members and for all. When you have accurate information then it’s very easy to make any decision and this is the way our Ireland and Dublin Awamileague works.

Leadership:Yes, another very mandatory component for all kind of Organisation. Leadership actually a skill and not all of us have it. But by practicing this you can earn this skill. You need to be a good man. Beside that you have to have Honesty, compassion, Integrity and flexibility. These are all huge thing. We will discuss these in another page. You have to have that skill that you can influence people. It is possible when you will feel these are all your people and it is your responsibility to help them, keep them safe. A leader must have compassion for His people. Leader like Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujib, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela all of them have these qualities. You have work on peoples need. It is leader’s important job to keep unity among his people. If he fails to do that some reason then that organisation will not survive.

Executive Committee Meeting:We allow us to sit for meeting very often where we discuss all our issues. As a leading Organisation in Ireland in our community, people expect us to do several things but it’s true not all of these are possible always to do where we are now. We are concentrating to increase our capabilities but we are facing “Pulled back”. In executive committee meeting is the best place for us to sort out any kind of issues like internal & external. We believe every organisation has their executive committee board where they discuss all issues.

Our Success:In the area of mass interest of people and politically we have few achievements. During the time our organisation we have established a very good communication with local parliamentarians, politicians, humanitarian organisation etc. we have gained few success for different people who came up with different issues related to above people or organisation.

Our people also lead the student struggle during 2011 & 2012 to give them their rights for legally stay in this country and amazingly they were successful on this issue. Irish GOVT has issued rule for student that student who came up Ireland between 1999 to 2004 can legally stay and work in this country. From our organisation Organising Secretaries Alak Sarker and Mohammad Shohel are among leaders who struggle for student rights.

We have also sort out Passport related issue for expatriate Bangladeshi’s. For the public interest Ireland Awamileague first communicate with Bangladesh Foreign Ministry to issue MRP in Ireland. And by the help of Bangladesh embassy in U.K Ireland Awamileague introduce First MRP in Ireland. It was a great achievement for all of us where the old ordinary passports were banned. There are also few other issues that we are going to work. Those all will be published once we are successfully finish them.