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High Profile Members

Meet our Dublin Awamileague Secretary Mr.Firoz Hossain. He is one of our most valuable member. He is currently living in Dublin. Before more



Message From President


Dear Dubliner,                                    
Dublin Awamileague has established. After a long struggle I am delighted to announce this. It did not happen in one day. Many of us worked hard to stand this organisation. I specially thank to the entire Awamileague supporter and my dearest brother who made this happen. For a long time there were no organisation, but day by day now there are several organisations exist. We were confused firstly to prevent BNP Jamaet existence, but there no other way to prevent them except Awamileague. We thought only Awamileague can prevent them as Awamileague has long tradition against more    

Message From Secretary

Dear Brother & Sisters,
Welcome to Dublin Awamileague. This is our organisation that has been built with care and by your support. Every staff member of Ireland Awamileague is dedicated to their Organisation. I am proud to work with them as team. Every little change can make a huge difference we believe on that. Our main theme is to follow the path of Shiek Mujib. A very long time before our leader brought Independence to Bangladesh, but there were several people who were from Jamaet Islami were against more

Other News

1) Dublin Awamileague will call for general meeting with all Dublin Awamileague members very soon to have discussion regarding its performance to improve.  

2) Dublin Awamileague has successfully finished its reception on 04/09/12 by the present of Sate Home Minister Of Bangladesh.


Sept 15, 2012
Read about our Mission and about our Objective.Why are we in this organisation and so more

March 30th, 2016
Independence Day Of Bangladesh will be observed on 4th of April more